Psychological Treatment

Information for Instructing Parties

Psychological Treatment services are delivered in an efficient and effective manner with clear objectives and outcomes as well as visual analogue measures of presenting symptoms and goals that are being targeted. We offer treatment services for client’s of all ages suffering a range of psychological difficulties following trauma. The most common referrals are for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, Travel Phobia and Depression resulting from physical injuries and pain.

Our Experts can work with recommendations made in a medico-legal report or when recommended by a GP, Mental Health professional, Case Manager or Counsellor. Alternatively they can provide their own assessment and provide a brief report making treatment recommendations where appropriate.

As we have national coverage, treatment is delivered at venues as close to the client’s home or work as possible.

Our Experts provide rigorous assessments and evidence-based treatments that are appropriate to the client’s presentation. After careful assessment and formulation, the treatment approach will be discussed with the client and goals agreed for their treatment. Standardized measures may also be used to give a baseline measure, which will guide treatment and ensure that successful outcomes can be measured.

Appointment details are notified within a few days of instruction and clients generally seen within 1-3 weeks.

Sessions generally take place in a professional environment near to the client’s home or in their home if this is more appropriate.

Treatment updates can be regularly emailed and an end of treatment report is prepared on discharge.

Competitive rates are negotiated. We have a standard fee for the majority of Clinical Psychologists, therapists and treatment approaches.

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Examples of Treatments Available

Examples of appropriate referrals for psychological issues/mental health conditions and the most commonly used treatment approaches.

Psychological Issues

Anxiety Disorders
Managing pain condition
Psycho-sexual issue
Relationship problems
Adjustment to difficult work/life situations
Low self-esteem
Historical or present abuse
Abnormal/prolonged grief
Cognitive deficits

Treatment Approach

Psycho-sexual Therapy
Couples/Family Therapy
Bereavement counselling

Please see explanation of treatments for further information.

Information for Clients

  • Referral to Psycholegal Experts Limited is the starting point to your recovery. Once referred, you will receive a text/email to let you know that your referral has been received.

  • Within a few days you will be contacted by an appropriately qualified Psychologist or CBT therapist in your area, who will offer you an appointment in a professional environment close to your home or workplace.

  • At your first session a Treatment Plan will be agreed with you, sometimes a brief report is provided to illustrate an appropriate treatment plan tailored to your needs. This will detail the type of treatment and number of sessions, along with predicted outcome of recovery and any potential barriers to treatment. This will help to inform decisions on treatment.

  • Once you and the Expert agree that your treatment is complete, a Discharge Report can be prepared. This will detail the sessions attended and the outcome of treatment.

We always welcome feedback of your experience. In the unlikely event of a complaint, we welcome the opportunity to discuss this further. Please also see our complaints procedure.